Apocalypse Dating is a new comic strip which is intended to poke fun at some common, unacceptable ways of behaving within romantic relationships. It seeks to highlight and ridicule not only the ways in which people may treat their partners carelessly, selfishly, callously or possessively, but also the ways in which we often put up with, excuse and condone poor treatment by our partners. The comic strip has been received exceptionally well by the public so far. It has an enthusiastic Facebook fan base and has been promoted online by numerous individuals, web design/marketing companies and online publications such as www.badfeminist.co.uk. Amy Morel-Berthier is a freelance artist and writer who lives in London. She has previously devoted much of her career to painting commissioned portraits and producing fantasy artwork. She is happy to consider any business queries in relation to Apocalypse Dating (publishing/ merchandising, etc.), artwork commissions or other creative projects for which she might be suitable. She would also like to hear from anyone who has comments or feedback on the comic strip or disastrous dating stories to share!